Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tomorrow night at New Beginnings, Meno Kalisher, founding pastor of the Jerusalem Assembly House of Redemption, will be speaking at 7:00 PM. If you have never had the opportunity to hear Meno speak, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this chance to hear this man of God. Every two years, we are privileged to host Meno and have him speak due to our "insider" connections at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (thanks, Sonja!!!). In addition to hearing from Meno, we will be singing Jewish music and enjoying some delicious honey cakes and other authentic Jewish treats.

Meno has committed his life to making a difference for the glory of God by taking the gospel of Jesus the Messiah to the lost children of Israel. As a result of his stand for Jesus Christ, Meno, and his family, has suffered significant persecution and abuse. As you can imagine, following Jesus, let alone sharing his love with others, isn't an easy road in such a hostile context. However, over the years of passionate and persistent ministry and service, Meno and his congregation have grown supernaturally from nine people meeting in his home to over 200 worshipers gathered on the Lord's Day.

We are fortunate to have a small part in God's great work in the precious city of Jerusalem. Meno is one of six missionaries that is supported by our Mission Church. We are committed, as the Lord enables us, to making an even greater contribution to the spread of the gospel through North America and the world.

Missionary Night with Meno Kalisher
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 7:00 PM
New Beginnings BFC is located at 335 Glassboro Rd. Bldg A, Unit 101
Woodbury Heights, New Jersey 08097
For more information, call 856-686-0555

Will you commit to praying for Meno and the growth of the church of Jesus Christ in the city of Jerusalem today? If so, please say "yes" in the comment section.

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