Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Friday

I thought that I would let you a little bit deeper into my heart today.

What is the one word that best describes how you feel about your family?

For me, this is a simple question. I am blessed!

I want to share with you ten reasons why I love my precious family:

1. Each one of them is a unique gift and blessing from God.

2. My wife, Laurie, is a faithful partner and friend. She sacrifices and supports me in ways that few will ever know.

3. My daughter, Gabbie, fills our home with joy and laughter (and plenty of noise, too!).

4. My older son, Luke, is growing to be a loving and tender little man. God is teaching me so many things through him.

5. My youngest, Jonah, is an unbelievably good baby. His little smile is priceless.

6. I love how much I know that I am missed when I have to be away for work and ministry.

7. I have grown and learned so much from Laurie regarding parenting and caring for the body and soul of your children.

8. I love snuggling with all of my precious babies (and, I think they like it too).

9. Though our home is not perfect, we are growing, day-by-day, to be a household that reflects the values of God and brings further glory to Him.

10. I would not be half the man I am today if it weren't for God's grace towards me through my family. My home is a classroom for life in God's kingdom. Some lessons are aced on the first try. Many others have to be repeated time after time in order to be learned.

Can you name ten reasons why your family is important to you?

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  1. Love you, babe! Thanks for all you do to lead, support, and love our family. There's no one I'd rather experience life with. Thanks for being my BFF! :) xoxoxo