Sunday, July 25, 2010

Phillies Phun

I went to the Phillies game on Friday night and got to see Roy Halladay pitch quite a gem...6-0 shut out against the Rockies! Thanks, Mike, for taking me out to the ball game!

Which sport do you think would have been Jesus' favorite and why? Here are your options:
1) Football
2) Soccer
3) Baseball
4) Basketball
5) Hockey
6) Other

Let's see who can be the most creative with their response!

Please enjoy these totally awesome pics from a night at the ballpark:


  1. Well, lets decide by elimination.

    1. Can't be Football, although he declared all food clean he probably still wouldnt have been too fond of the pigskin.

    2. Can't be Soccer, a game player with 90% feet would not be exciting to a man wearing sandals.

    3. Could be baseball, 12 disciples covers all your positions and gives you a reliever, closer, and a pinch hitter.

    4. Could be basketball. They had all those baskets left over from the feeding of the multitude

    5. Could be hockey, but I think its too cold and too rough...although he already had the playoff beard going.

    6. Can't be golf, Jesus isn't boring.

    7. Can't be tennis, Jesus isn't a sissy.

    I'm going with baseball.

    Tim N.

  2. Very good deduction, young Timothy. But, alas, this was a trick question! Since it seems that no one else is playing my little game, I shall reveal the true answer to this perplexing question: The answer is: Jesus loves all sports equally and shows no favoritism! (please see Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; 1 Tim. 5:21; and James 2:1, 9) Thanks for playing!