Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Deeper Devotion

About nine months ago we started a weekly Bible study for men at New Beginnings. We started out with maybe five or six men. Today, we had thirteen men at our Bible study! Each week is really such a joy. The men are open with their insights and struggles. I really believe that the Lord is using this context to grow stronger, more spiritual men at New Beginnings.

We are currently reading and discussing a book authored by Jerry Bridges called THE PRACTICE OF GODLINESS. It has been a helpful guide to our consideration of the life that God desires for us to live. Today we finished our discussion of chapter four which is titled "Seeking a Deeper Devotion". Here are some thoughts from this challenging chapter:

1) God wants us to grow in our devotion to Him in three specific areas: our fear of God, our love for God, and our desire for God.

2) There are several "means" by which we grow to have a deeper devotion of God. These are often thought of as spiritual disciplines, or spiritual habits:

3) Here's a nice quote: "This is godliness: God-centeredness, or devotion to God; and Godlikeness, or Christian character. The practice of godliness is both the practice of devotion to God and the practice of a lifestyle that is pleasing to God and that reflects His character to other people."

So what about your life? Are you seeking a deeper devotion to God? Do you even know what that means? Do you see the importance of having a consistent and intimate daily time with the Lord?


  1. Dan,

    Great blog and I look forward to your future postings.

    Growing in my devotion to the Lord is an uncomfortable topic for me these days. When I'm busy, the tasks at hand always REQUIRE or DEMAND my attention, whereas the Lord remains quiet when I put Him off. So I focus where the wheel is the squeakiest. Any practical suggestions on ways to focus on the Lord when everyone and thing around me is clamoring to be dealt with?


  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comments. You've always been a blessing to me.

    Obviously you are not alone in your struggle to grow in devotion. We are all at various places along the pathway of discipleship. Sometimes we are revived and walking briskly. Other times we are distracted and trailing off towards danger.

    Here are some suggestions: 1) Start Simple - Simply say "no" to the tyranny of the urgent and say "yes" to God. I think men especially have a difficult time of slowing down to be with God because we aren't as naturally wired towards that sort of relationship. God wants us to know Him first before we can effectively serve Him. 2) De-Weed - If you come over to my house you'll see that all sorts of weeds have taken over around some flower beds. I pulled them up at the beginning of the spring, however neglect has allowed them to return with gusto. The same is true of our lives and walk with God. There are numerous things that we allow into our lives which, if we aren't careful, crowd out the real important things like time alone with God. Maybe it's time to de-weed.

    Just a couple of thoughts from a fellow struggler....praying for you, pal.