Saturday, January 14, 2012


So, I realize that Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow has been the topic du jour for some time now. Frankly, the only chink in this white knight's armor that I've found is the fact that he played his college football at F...F...Florida (I am a devoted Volunteers fan...just stop by my office sometime). Seriously though, Tim Tebow is actually doing everything I could only dream of doing as a child. Although he's one of the most polarizing personalities of our day, he is humbly and rapidly making a huge impact for the Lord.

My wife recently forwarded this powerful article to me which brings into focus the real substance to the Tebow hype. Trust me, it's worth five minutes of your time.

How do you react to this story? What impression do you get when you read about Tim Tebow's grace, humility, and influence?

Many Christians are tempted to gaze in wide-eyed wonder at the Mile-high Messiah. They view Tebow more as a fictional superhero than as a real Christian. Rather than being inspired to emulate the faith of this man, they passively idolize this man of faith.

Even those who reject Christianity are mystified by Tim Tebow. Despite his candour and humility, Tebow's detractors scrutinize his every move just waiting to find the fatal crack in this man's pedestal. (I find myself praying, at times, for Tim Tebow because of the unfortunate damage his inevitable humanity will bring for some people.)

Isn't it saddening that there is so much skepticism about a man who is simply trying to let his actions backup his beliefs? Why is Tim Tebow such an anomaly? Why aren't people being "Williams-ed"? Why does there seem to be such an absence of real-life difference makers in our world today?

Granted, the Lord has given Tim Tebow a unique platform to point to God's glory. The spotlight can only shine on one, or maybe two, at a time. But here's the thing: God can and wants to use each one of us to make just as real, and just as powerful, a difference as Tim Tebow. It is the same Spirit, if we have been saved by God's infinite grace, that fills us--whether your last name is Tebow, Williams, or Smith. I might not have an article written about me or a microphone shoved in my face, but I am still called to the same thing as Tim Tebow: faithful obedience unto the Lord.

Like most of you, I am a fan of Tim Tebow. But, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful to God for the influence that Tebow has right now. And even though I'm not on the roster of the Denver Broncos, I am still on Tim Tebow's team: the church of Jesus Christ. I sure hope that I'm doing my part.


  1. This is a wonderful article Danny. I wish more people would be more Christ-centered and much less self-centered. Yes we can bring glory to our Savior in whatever we do,and I believe that you do. Keep lifting Jesus up!!!

  2. I had an interesting conversation about Tebow with my kids while driving home from Upward basketball today. I asked them whether God cares about who wins any given football game. One child stated something about the possibility that it could bring God glory if a Christian athlete wins. But then I said, "What if there are Christians on both teams? Then whose team is God on?" Ultimately, Tebow (or any other Christian athlete) can glorify God by being a good loser just as well as a successful winner. I still want success for Tebow, because I appreciate his willingness to be bold and not ashamed of the Gospel. However, I doubt his team will beat the Patriots. :o )